Week 1-I’m back and I enjoy the new me! 

Last September I began an amazing journey. A journey that I believe will never end. This journey allowed me to recognize the true benefits of change. By embracing the changes that I knew I needed to make I was forced to breakaway from my old self and bad habits. Now you have the privilege of meeting the dynamic, energetic, Mr. Magnificent himself, the one and only ISAAC HUDSON III. The go-getter that has transformed into a good hearted go-giver. You better believe that the more I give the more I receive. Haanel teaches us that Much gathers more on every plane of existence and loss leads to greater loss is equally true. My newfound beliefs force me to think about what I want all the time. By doing so I no longer am attached to the contrast I may recognize each day. 

The sits are where I find my clarity and serenity. Nothing can stop me. I over achieved all of my goals the past year and 2016 will be nothing short of that. I’ve learned the meaning of attracting what you want out of life both good and bad. 

This year I’m actually a Certified Guide Intern. This is allowing me the opportunity to help others understand themselves and their DMP(dharma). There’s a lot of work yet  for me to do. I embrace it all knowing that God has my back and my front so all I have to do is DO IT NOW!! 


What Makes You Tick? What Motivates You?

What motivates you?

Millionaires in Training

Learning how to communicate with others in your mastermind is the key to growing faster as a unit in perfect harmony.  The Millionaires In Training mastermind embarks on the journey of “currency communication” today as they listen to Dr. Taylor Hartman’s Color Code Personality Science seminar.  The dominate personalities of Red and Blue were explained today and the non-agressive personalities of Yellow and White will be explained tomorrow.

Understanding your own personality traits and what motivates you will help you become more in tune with yourself.  The Color Code points out strengths and weaknesses of each personality so that you can take a look at what other color personality traits you need to learn and adopt.  The point of learning about color personality types other than your own is to progress into a well rounded personality who can work harmoniously with anyone.  Check out colorcode.com to find out what personality…

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Show Yourself What Your Made Of


Millionaires in Training

The information from Napoleon Hill’s 20 year study encourages us to find out what we are truly made of.  It’s thorough, it’s challenging, it’s empowering.  It gives us the opportunity to search within to find out the truth about ourselves.  With this developing self-awareness comes the realization that we have a choice to either improve and or stay idle.

True Millionaires In Training show that they are scholars of the philosophy for success by following through on commitments even when no one is watching.  These leaders have strengthened the faculties of their minds to remain at cause or in control when met with contrast, because they know that consistency of doing things the Carnegie way will eventually create an appealing habit.  Fear is dissipating as these individuals continue to perform acts of courage, integrity and appreciation. The Millionaires In Training are boldly stepping into the unknown because their advanced thinking…

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On my 3rd wedding anniversary 4/19/14 I promised my wife that I would take her to Hawaii for our 4th anniversary. I had no clue of the MKMMA at the time. I was plugged into the information but I had no clue of this particular mastermind. My business partner sent me an email link in August 2014 about the MKMMA. When I joined I didn’t know that the end would be a retreat in Kauai, Hawaii. I feel very very grateful and truly blessed because not only has the MKMMA experience taken me to new heights in personal growth but today my wife and I are in Hawaii and celebrating our anniversary (mastermind) and I’m in Hawaii masterminding with new friends and like minded people. This proves 2 things:

1. Whatever the mind of man conceives  and brings himself to believe he will achieve. 

2. If you think about it long enough with intense emotion not only will you get what you want but it may come in a bigger package than expected. 

Aloha and Mahalo😎😎



Hello to all!! I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy. I choose positive over negative. I choose to work with others rather then do it myself. I choose wealth over poverty. I choose happy over sad. I choose to smile instead of frown. I choose to love instead of hate. I choose to be great instead of mediocre. I choose health over illness. Recognition is a mental process. More and more I recognize that the choices I make lead the results I get. Day by day in every way I’m getting better and better. 



Greetings to all. I am whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy. Day by day in everyway I’m getting better. Do it now!! Do it now!! Do it now! Triangles, squares, circles, rectangles, red, yellow, green, and blue are everywhere!! I think about what I want all the time. YES! YES! YES!! I want my DMP and my DMP want me! I have a newfound level of enthusiasm. I’ve created a deeper desire to win. The information that I’ve retained over the last 6 months may take a lifetime to master. All in know is that I’m #ALLIN. 

I’ve truely enjoyed what I’ve experienced. I’ve created a new me and will continue to reinvent myself daily. “The Simplicity of Success” is what I now tittle my journey. The mastermind continues and See you at the top!